Our Approach

Experts in consulting and in the utilization of the industry’s most advanced audiovisual technologies, we translate this expertise, to the benefit of our clients, by using these cutting-edge technologies to achieve highly cost-effective entertainment solutions for commercial, residential, and private applications.

Every individual, brand, and company needs an actionable plan which, when implemented, will effectively impact and impress their target audience. By “infiltrating” each target audience, Konex learns how to speak their language, behave as they do, and how best to architect form-fit solutions with this understanding. Together with an understanding of how our clients interact with their respective audiences, we develop a strategic and actionable plan that’s based upon the actual, real world installation environment. This approach formula translates to success at every Konex installation.

A true entertainment experience is no longer one which can be created by simply hanging large screens on walls, because “the experience” plays such a pivotal role for your brand, company and audience. Your solution matters. Experience Konex.


  1. Strategy & Planning
  2. Connected Experiences
  3. Insights & Optimizations
  4. Product Development

Headquartered in Orange County, CA with affiliates nationwide, Konex AV is a full-service audiovisual products and services company providing superior quality entertainment solutions to commercial and residential markets. Our services include, but are not limited to, commercial satellite sales and installation, custom technology development and consulting. We believe our industry and technology expertise, nationwide footprint, and comprehensive offerings render us worthy of your consideration.

“Konex” is pronounced like the word “connects.”